A Targeted Approach

To develop novel therapeutic drugs with improved pharmacokinetic properties to safely and more effectively treat cancer!

  • Data Driven

  • Results Orientated

  • Research Led

Our pipeline currently consists of two compounds, SG101 and SG102.

SG101 is one of the lead drug candidates formed out of a novel combination of triptolide and 7GEN. The solubility and toxicity issues of triptolide in SG101 have been successfully addressed with 7GEN delivery agent. SG101 is highly effective in treating Pancreatic cancer tumors in preclinical mice models.

SG102 is a novel formulation of the generic drug, Paclitaxel, with improved pharmacokinetic properties and efficacy compared to Taxol (paclitaxel in cremophor).

IND filing is expected in early 2019 (or late 2018) for both SG101, and SG102.

Our approach

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We are committed to reducing toxicity and improving the bio availability of approved drugs and drugs in development using our breakthrough delivery technology.

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