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To provide safe and efficacious drugs to treat cancer and other deadly diseases so that humans can have a healthy and long life together with their seven generations!

About Us

Sevengenes is a multi-disciplinary place for innovation with experienced Ph.D.’s and MD’s from Materials Science, Biology, Veterinary science, Physics to Artificial Intelligence, that can enable a better, safer, and improved small molecule-based treatments for pancreatic and other cancers. Our breakthrough oral delivery technology, the lead drug candidates, and our pipeline are a result of these unassuming interactions.

We have discovered a unique approach to breathe new life into previously discarded hydrophobic drug candidates by increasing their solubility, reducing their toxicity and improving their efficacy.

More than 50% of drug candidates never become drugs due to dose limiting toxicity or bioavailability issues. Our goal is to bring these potent molecules to market to treat deadly diseases, starting with pancreatic cancer.

In addition, about 40% of the FDA approved drugs are hydrophobic and often have reduced efficacy and life-threatening side effects due to their physical properties. Our breakthrough delivery technology has been shown to improve the performance of several of these marketed drugs by enhancing their safety and pharmacokinetic properties!

Using our innovative delivery technology and the latest artificial intelligence (AI), we plan on bringing many discarded drug and poorly performing marketed drug candidates to the market to fight serious human diseases.

SevenGenes, Inc

We are committed to reducing toxicity and improving the performance of many novel drug molecules as well as approved drugs using our breakthrough delivery technology.

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