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Our technology platform is novel to the pharma industry; a powerful antioxidant that can increase solubility, reduce toxicity, and improve bioavailability and efficacy of many novel and FDA approved hydrophobic drug molecules. The excipient provides excellent protection and stabilization of the drug. It acts as an excellent orally bioavailable delivery agent to the body and protects the drugs from first-pass metabolism. Protection from first pass metabolism often provides a several-fold increase in bioavailability.

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  • Our first drug candidate has been proven to be very effective in treating Pancreatic Cancer both in vitro and in vivo models.
  • Pharmacokinetic studies indicate multi fold bio-availability in SG101 compared to industry standard solvent (Figure).
  • Complete inhibition of tumor growth was observed in an AsPC-1 xenografted mice model (Figure).
  • Classical dose-response is observed with SG101.
  • Initial preclinical results on pancreatic cancer tumor treatment are very encouraging in comparison with the standard of care (Gemcitabine).
  • Efforts are underway to file an IND for SG101 by early 2019.
SevenGenes Technology
SevenGenes Technology
SevenGenes Technology


  • SG102 is paclitaxel in our novel delivery agent, 7GEN.
  • SG102 has better pharmacokinetic properties than paclitaxel in Cremophor (Taxol).
  • Paclitaxel bioavailability is three fold higher in SG102 compared to Cremophor.
  • In vitro studies indicate better cytotoxicity of SG102 towards several cancer cell lines compared to paclitaxel in DMSO.
  • Efforts are underway to take SG102 through 505(b)(2) route with FDA.
SevenGenes Technology


Sevengenes is developing highly innovative, complementary treatment drugs to target various types and stages of cancer with candidates in research and pre-clinical development. The company concentrates on the development of small molecule-based therapies.


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We are committed to reducing toxicity and improving the performance of many novel drug molecules as well as approved drugs using our breakthrough delivery technology.

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